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Download Now – Free download latest version game Hue released on 31 Aug 2016. Game Hue Full Version by Mercs213 is a vibrant, award-winning puzzle-adventure, where you alter the world by changing its background colour.

Hue Full Version Game Hue

Review Game Hue Full Version:

You play as Hue. As the story goes Hue’s mother is a scientist who, with the help of another scientist named Dr. Grey create a ring called the Annular Spectrum. The ring is used to alter the perception of color. Unfortunately Dr. Grey gets paranoid of the rings power and Hue’s mothers obsession with the project. Dr. Grey steals the ring and destroys it. This accidentally sending Hue’s mother into a shade-like area making her invisible. This is where your story begins. You have to find all shards of the ring, put it back together and find your mother. Throughout your adventure you get to collect letters left behind by your mother. These letters explain what happened to her leading up to the accident.

Art Style of The Game Hue Full Version:

The art style of the game is beautiful and full of color. The game might start out black and white but as you collect new colors, the game really begins to fill out and looks amazing. The level designs are right up there with the art style. They looked great and are very creative. Everything down to the way the levels look, to the way they were layed out, to the platforming and how the games unique color changing mechanic was incorporated into everything couldn’t have been done better.

Soundtrack Game Hue Full Version:

The soundtrack to Hue was surprisingly large. The steam page says that there are 30 tracks in total. Most of the songs I remember hearing were very calm and soothing, which was very helpful for later on in the game when the puzzles start to get a little harder. Even in the beginning, the sound track to Hue made for a very casual feeling game. I personally didn’t find Hue to be a casual game though. Maybe at the start yes but later on you are tested on your puzzle solving skills. The sound effects were very realistic. You get to hear a wide range of things from running waterfalls, to falling bolders, to flaring fires, to the creeking sounds of gates opening and even the simplistic sounds of moving a box. All of it sounded real.

Final Thoughts

Considering I went into Hue expecting a copy and paste like a lot of other games in this genre, I was more then impressed. I completely recommend Hue. I would prefer a lower cost but to be honest the games story and overal gameplay experience would be worth the buy.

Game Title: Hue Mercs213
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Fiddlesticks Games
Publisher: Curve Digital
Release Date: 31 Aug, 2016

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