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Mercs213 – Latest Version PC game Sheltered v1.5 Free Download released on 31 Jan 2017 and Cracked by Unleashed. Sheltered v1.5 Full Game a fun Disaster-Survival-Game. Once you figure out the basic tricks of survival, it’s not that hard anymore though. later game mainly consists of tracking down rare materials you have had problems finding for a while, leaving behind the stuff you already have tons of.

The occasional running into gangs that happens more often over time does kill off your team-members occasionally, but does not really add to difficulty, since the only way to beat them is hoping for the chance of a first hit and throwing a grenade at them.

Even though it’s a complete game, it never looses the feeling of being an unpolished indie-game. Other disaster-survival games, like This War Of Mine manage to provide a better feeling of scarcity of resources and importance of the characters. Characters in Sheltered always seem to be replacable. Not even the starter-family seems to be important. Having a couple extras running around in case a character dies is usually not an issue. Food and water is abundant.

If you can get Sheltered v1.5 Full Version at a discount, during steam sales for example, it’s a great addition to your library. Figuring out how to survive will keep you busy for a couple hours. But once you figured it out, replayability drops to zero. I’d recommend This War of Mine over Sheltered any day though. Download Sheltered v1.5 Full Game and enjoy this game.

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Sheltered v1.5 Full Game Sheltered v1.5 Download Sheltered

Game Title: Sheltered Unleashed
Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy
Developer: Unicube , Team 17 Digital Ltd
Publisher: Team17 Digital Ltd
Release Date: 16 Mar, 2016
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