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Mercs213 – Latest version PC game Cook, Serve, Delicious! Battle Kitchen Edition Free Download released on 2 July 2017 for PC windows. Game Cook, Serve, Delicious! Full Version is fast paced, engaging, and absolutely addictive for foodies or non-foodies alike. Don’t be fooled by the cute cartoonish style because you’ll find your eyeballs popping and button mashing like mad after a few hours.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! Battle Kitchen Edition Free Download

Review Cook, Serve, Delicious! Battle Kitchen Edition Full Game : I absolutely enjoy every second of this game so far, from the fast-paced typing gameplay to the careful consideration of menu rotation and food purchases. The concept of taking your restaurant from a little hole-in-the-wall joint to a full on, 5 star classy establishment is super addicting and keeps pushing you to play “just one more day!” (I have played the game prior to purchasing it on Steam). I like that the game has clearly taken a lot of real-life restaurant elements and combined them into something so engaging and exciting- I am a self-professed Kitchen Nightmares junkie, so being able to use some of the business tips I’ve gleaned from the series has been fun! I super love the random emails you get in the game, brings something new to look forward to each day period in the game 🙂 and I will admit that the cash bonus you are awarded for achieving a “Perfect Day” helps keep you on your toes all the time, always striving.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! Battle Kitchen Edition

I would recommend this game to you if you like light business sims, typing games, cooking/restaurant managing, or something you can play either quickly (play an in-game day here or there) or for extended time periods (but be careful, it really is addicting lol). Get Cook, Serve, Delicious! Battle Kitchen Edition Free Download now and playing this game.

Title: Cook, Serve, Delicious! SIMPLEX
Genre: Action, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Vertigo Gaming Inc.
Publisher: Vertigo Gaming Inc.
Link | 100 MB:
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Minimum System Requirements :

  • OS: Windows Vista, 7/8/10
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 128MB Graphics card or greater
  • Storage: 150 MB available space
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