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MERCS213 – Latest version PC game Crystalline Free Download released in direct link and torrent, then this game full cracked by DARKSiDERS. Visual novel game Crystalline Full Version is a comedy-centric, fantasy adventure, visual novel with an intricate romance system. With hundreds of choices available, you can experience the storyline and interact with characters in a much more personalized way.

Crystalline Free Download

Title: Crystalline MERCS213
Language : English
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Simulation
Developer: PixelFade Inc
Publisher: PixelFade Inc
Release Date: 22 Aug, 2018

Review Crystalline Free Download :

Still playing, here are some initial thoughts: I’m guessing I’m halfway judging from the remaining CG in the extras menu and so far the overall story has had a pretty relaxed vibe. More like a vibrant fantasy vacation to the reader rather than a hair-raising adventure. I’m not sure if you’ll find the passionate/extreme “feels” here, but you may find a group of friends that will keep you grinning with all their quirks and banter as you travel the world. Also, Poi!!! This game has made me believe that Slimes… are… cute.

Crystalline DARKSiDERS


+Some of the background artwork is really stunning. I mean, usually I don’t pay much attention, but kudos to the artist with the wilderness shots… and the lighting in them. Just lovely.
+Live2D main characters (kinda like a 3d model… in 2d) add a lot of life to each scene. And some are perfect.
+Some of the music is also of fantastic quality and deeply remind me of Ragnarok Online’s lively fantasy tunes.
+The english voice acting from most of the main characters is top notch, or is very acceptable imo. And with the lipsync to the Live2d main characters; it really boosts the immersion.
+That opening video x)
+That title screen <3
+Choices and lol choices
+And most importantly the entertaining interactions of the main party.

And arguably the lows:

-Inevitably some of the voice acting seems bad lol. But, because the game has a mostly light atmosphere; some of the voiced lines in question just add that random flavor that somehow fit a RPG-ish world.
-You can’t currently SAVE during choices far as I know. That is a bit of a peeve of mine; but only a slight inconvenience since you can skip swiftly enough.
EDIT: Apparently you can press escape during choices to save? I will try this!
-Don’t expect many big twists from the look of things.
-The mini-games are simple and don’t get in the way of things. I like the concept, but they are mostly of the same format.

I’m really happy I took a chance on this game for what it does well. If I were to get rid of my library of games, I think this is one of the ones I’d want to keep. There are just some moments where this game looks and sounds, just oh so good.
So to recap, this is a light fantasy adventure where you get to travel a pretty world with friends and hang out on your journey. The fair amount of amusing choices should keep you amused. With a fairly low price, and the likelyhood of future sales, this game has excellent value if your a sucker for a fantasy RPG story like me. Get Crystalline Free Download and enjoy this Crystalline full game.

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